Cow Chip Bingo Event is the first opportunity for the fans to get a glimpse of what the new football season will have in store for them and to meet the Lions. The event wraps up the team’s Spring practice schedule and features three inter-squad games of football - Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. Cow Chip Bingo is a community event to raise money for the new season and introduce the teams.

The RMFA encourages all players and parents to sell at least 20 tickets for chances to win Cash prizes during the Cow Chip Bingo event. Every ticket a player sells beyond his initial 20 will add funds to his personal camp account, earning his tuition to attend Pride Camp in July.

The event is fun for the entire family with lots of activities including food trucks, tours of the locker room and remodeled weight room and a free Punt, Pass and Kick competition for future Lions (kinder - 6th grade). With so much going on, there are lots of opportunities for booster members to get involved.

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