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Welcome to Red Mountain Football Association

RMFA is the official ‘booster club’ of Red Mountain Football. RMFA is a community based organization existing for the sole purpose of supporting the Red Mountain High School Football Program, its athletes, parents and coaches. The following are the meeting dates for the 2019 season. Meetings are held  on the second Tuesday of each month from 6-8 PM. Meetings are open to ALL who want to participate from each level of Red Mountain Football OR any community supporter.  Every person is welcome and needed! Each meeting begins with committee reports and feedback followed by new business.

Please contact Karen Eulate at 480-247-1752 if you have any questions.  RMFA Meeting dates for 2019 are on our program calendar, click here.


sponsorship & media guide forms

Sponsorship and Media Ads help the program to update locker  and weight rooms, provide new uniforms and equipment, provide food for Game days and much more.  We welcome local and national corporate sponsors.

How to Get Involved / Volunteer


We need each of you to make this organization most effective.  RMFA supports the RM Football program through financial support, volunteer service , Game Day needs and much more.  We have current and alumni parents volunteering and donating to the program.

RMFA (booster club) Meeting Minutes


Click here to read minutes from 1/8/19

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Click here to read minutes from 4/8/19

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Click here to read minutes from 6/11/19

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